Six Reasons Why You Should Never Neglect Changing Water In Your Aquarium Tank

If you want to always see your beautiful fish swimming in your aquarium tank happily and healthily, you should never neglect on cleaning your aquarium tank and making regular water changes. The following are the most important reasons why water changes in your aquarium tank are something that you should never forget to do:

pH Control – pH stands for hydrogen potenz. It is actually the concentration of hydrogen ions present in your aquarium tank, and as you know, hydrogen ion concentration refers to acidity of the water in the tank. As fishes live in the water, performing all their biological activities, the pH value is bound to change. The best way to ensure that the pH values remain conducive for the health of your fish is to change the water often.

Kh control – For the scientifically inclined people, Kh is the hydrolysis constant. Simply speaking, it is ability of water to buffer, which means, maintain a particular optimum level of the acids and bases in it. Changes occur in the fish tank over time due to the inclusion of chemicals produced from biological activity. That is one reason why the water has to be periodically changed.

Controlling nitrate levels – Ideally speaking, a saltwater aquarium must have a nitrate concentration of at the most 20 parts per million and a freshwater aquarium must have at the most 50 parts per million. Fish excretion is in the form of ammonia, which increases the nitrate level of the tank. There are protein skimmers available that can help to keep the nitrate levels to optimal levels within the tank. But these skimmers will not be able to remove the organic debris that collects in the tank from time to time. That is the reason why complete water changes become necessary. In fact, aquarium sellers do stress upon nitrate level maintenance as the most important reason for making periodical water changes.

Detoxifying the aquariums – Dead aquatic organisms, byproducts of metabolic activities in the fish and other aquarium residents and the excretion products of your fish will definitely introduce some toxic products in your aquarium tank. Some toxic materials can also enter from the external environment, such as when things drop into your tank or when some microorganisms enter through the air. They could play havoc with the health of your delicate fish. You cannot effectively monitor such toxic intrusions. The best way is to change water.

Cleaning aquarium accessories – If you have live elements in your aquarium tank such as live sand, live rock, sponges, bio balls, etc. it is best to provide them with clean water of aquarium standard to filter out the wastes that they produce from time to time.

Controlling algal growth – Algae are microscopic plants that grow in all types of aquatic environment. They grow faster in aquariums because the water there is stagnant and favorable for their growth. However, algae can pollute the water in the closed environment to drastic levels, which could also mean health problems to your fish. Not only that, algae will compete with the fish with the resources available in your aquarium. If you change the water from your aquarium regularly, you are also removing the algae that have grown in them.

HenceComputer Technology Articles, water changes in your aquarium are a very important aspect of aquarium cleaning. They ensure that your fish live longer and healthier in the home you provide them.

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Power Surge Takes out Our Major Appliances

What do you do when the clothes dryer, dishwasher and refrigerator all go on the blink the same day? They were all running during a thunderstorm, and then they all quit. We figured there was a major power surge because it took out our desktop computer too. Interestingly, the TV sets survived the power surge. We called a company that does appliance repair in Sacramento to come out and take a look at our major appliances. We figured we would just be replacing the desktop computer. All of our major appliances are new, and that means all of them have circuit boards.

Some devices that have real off switches are not so affected by power surges. Continue reading →

Rain Water Tank Installation Know-How

The collection of rainfall from roof run-offs is an ancient custom that has been practiced for centuries, all over the world. Even in rural and remote Australian areas, this relatively common tradition has helped many settlers survive extreme dry weather conditions in the past, and still does today! Fighting the economic crisis and trying to conserve the planet’s limited natural resources, more and more people return to basic living. They want to save precious drinking water and by installing rainwater tanks, save money on their water bill. Rainwater tanks can be installed anywhere on a property as an above ground, plastic or metal structure, or as an under house bladder system. Bladder Tanks are great for storing water under homes or decks and come in various sizes to fit different stump widths. Like all rainwater tank systems, they require very little maintenance. How do rainwater tanks work? The process is simple. When it rains, the water that falls on your roof will run off to catchment areas. The water is guided from the gutters through downpipes, filters and screens. It finally ends up in a tank, where it is stored until it is used. If you wonder why you need sturdy screens, just think of all the debris, leaves and insects that may enter the storage tank. Even with regular gutter cleanings, unwanted elements may still end up in the collected rainwater and block your downpipes, or contaminate the water. When you are planning a rain water tank installation you will have consider the following: • What size and type tank will suit your needs? • Where can the tank be installed? • What is the size of the roof catchment area connected to the rainwater tank? • Do you need accessories such as, a pressure pump, a backflow prevention device, tank top up, or a tank overflow outlet? • How suitable is your roof? • Do you need a foundation? • What is your budget? • Do you qualify for the Rainwater Tank Rebate Program? Inform yourself about every aspect of a rain tank installation and what kind of maintenance is required. Water from a rain tank can generally be used for: • toilet flushing • showering and bathing • doing laundry • water heating systems • garden and lawn irrigation • washing cars • filling swimming pools, spas, fountains and ornamental ponds • fighting fire Many incentives and rebates are available to residential, commercial and industrial customers who have a rainwater tank installed by a professional. Rainwater tank installers can be found in local phone books, advertisements, or online. To find a reliable rainwater tank installer read reviews and verify that the installer: • is qualified; • offers free quotes and advice; • offers competitive prices; • will show references upon request; • delivers are on time; • only uses high quality products; • guarantees products and craftsmanship. After weighing up the cost of a rain water tank installation, you should also consider its long term benefits, which include large savings on your monthly water bill. Equally important is what your decision will do for the environment and how your actions can help secure the world’s precious water supply. Just think about that.

How to Maintain a Water Tank

Since the storage tank is very essential, you must ensure that you give it the maintenance that it deserves. Many people are suffering from various waterborne diseases and it is because they are not maintaining their water tanks well. Since the storage tank is very essential, you must ensure that you give it the maintenance that it deserves. Many people are suffering from various waterborne diseases and it is because they are not maintaining their water tanks well. You have to keep in mind that if you do not keep good hygiene of the water that you’re drinking, you will also be prone to those diseases that can also cause death. If you maintain your tank well, you will not need to keep on cleaning it on daily basis, all you will need is to take several measures and your tank will be safe. Ensure that your tank is not leaking in any place. If you do not notice that the tank might be having a leakage, all the water that you will have stored will spill little by little until you will not be having any water stored. That will be very dangerous because in cases of water shortages. When you notice that your tank is leaking, and you’re using plastic water tanks, since they are easy to repair, ensure you take them to a professional who will mend them. In cases where the tank is not repairable, you can consider purchasing another tank. Keep away plastic storage tanks from direct sunlight. The sun is known to destroy the plastic. When you keep the tank under direct sunlight, it will be heated and hence produce chemicals that when mixed with water will be harmful for your consumption. The other reason to why you must keep them away from the sun it is because it damages the plastic hence making it to have a small life pan by destroying the quality of the tank. Once your tank has been damaged by the sunlight, it will be impossible to repair it. The only thing that you can do is to buy a new tank. You can ensure that you clean the storage tanks on weekly basis so that you can have clean water for drinking and for other uses. If you let dirt to accumulate, it will be difficult to clean the tank well and you will have unsafe water for drinking. In cases where you’re using steel tanks, you must put into consideration that you coat the steel so that you can prevent it from rusting. It is very dangerous for you to be consuming water from rusting tanks. If coating the steel will not help, buy another storage device that will be free from rust. You have to ensure that you put all measures of maintaining a storage tank. This will be helpful to you since you will never lack water and you will be taking it clean. You will have no worries of the sicknesses that are accompanied with unclean water. If dirt get into contact with the clean water that is stored for future use, ensure that you distill it. Avoid contaminating the water in all ways possible. If the water stays for long without being used, put in some clean water.

Facts to Consider Before Water Tank Cleaning

The gold standard for disinfection of water systems has for a long time been the use of free chlorine, usually provided by hypochlorite / DICD or similar product, at a concentration and duration prescribed by BS 6700 (the British Standard for Designing, Installing, Testing and Maintaining Water Systems). The standard details the use of 50 mg/l (ppm) for a contact time of 1 hour after which the level should be retested, with a minimum of 30 mg/l (ppm) indicating successful disinfection, and under 30 mg/l requiring a repeat dose. The majority of contract specifications for routine disinfection work / tank cleaning identify chlorine as the preferred disinfectant.

BS 6700 also refers to ‘approved disinfectants other than chlorine’ and in recent years the use of biocides containing a blend of hydrogen peroxide and silver ions has increased dramatically. Benefits, amongst others, are said to include;

Safe use

Eco friendly

Efficacy against a wide range of bacteria (including Legionella pneumophila)

Removal of biofilm

Cost effective

One of the major benefits to both the client and water treatment contractor is that such biocides do not require neutralizing. Once the chemical is dosed at the required level it can be left in the system, is not harmful if ingested and breaks down to harmless environmentally friendly by products. This reduces disruption to site (less time without water) and reduces the overall amount of water wasted in the disinfection process.

A word of warning, there is only limited peer reviewed evidence on the long term effectiveness of such chemicals, it’s approval for use in public supplies has recently been reviewed and silver has been implicated in a small number of cases where treated water has been used for medical procedures and silver has entered the blood stream.

Tankless Water Heaters- Tankless Water heater repair and installation for your home

We all know hot water is very much a necessity. Most of us have water heaters at home and do not give it a second thought, we just assume we will have hot water on a daily basis until…you are standing in the shower and the water goes cold because someone in the other part of the house decides to turn on the water, trying to get the dishes done after dinner and no hot water or we get ready for that therapeutic evening bubble bath so we can unwind or that morning shower to get us going and there is no hot water. If this sounds familiar it may be time to consider that tankless hot water tank.

Let’s discuss the advantage’s of replacing your old hot water tank with a Tankless water heater. Have you found yourself scratching your head when the electric bill comes, most of us have. Depending on your household size and use, your conventional hot water tank can even drive your electric bills through the roof.

Did you know that most conventional heaters make up for almost 20% of your household energy consumption. Think about this for a moment 20% is a lot of consumption when you begin thinking about the different household items that make up your electric bill…clothes dryers, stoves, heat, washing machines, lights, hair dryers and the list goes on. So when you think about it on this level 20% for the use of hot water is quit a bit of your electric bill. This is why if you are a conservative or a home owner that simply wants to save money and enjoy effective water heating consider switching to different system. It may be time for to try using a tankless water heater.

With electric bills soaring and people becoming more eco- friendly there are many people now considering having a tankless water system. Do you believe a tankless hot water system is right for your home? There is no reason why it should not be. The reasons for having a tankless verses not having a tankless system certainly outweighs the disadvantages.

Lets review some of the reasons why installing a tankless heater could be very beneficial:

Tankless hot water heaters are energy efficient. You can cut your heating cost to up to 30%. Now think about this for a moment…If your hot water is costing you up to 20% on a conventional hot water tank and your saving up to 30% on a tankless hot water system and the tankless is also eco -friendly well, this sounds pretty beneficial.

Water Heaters” work differently from the conventional water heaters. With a Tankless water system the water is heated only when it is needed. When you turn on the faucet that is when the Tankless heating system kicks in and at the same time the water is heated (using a heating element). That is why a Tankless hot water system is also called “Instantaneous or Demand. “

With tankless water heaters there is constant flow of hot water, so this allows everyone in your home to have hot water at the same time, wow….no more being deprived of hot water in your home. It does not matter whether two or more faucets are running at the same time. But keep in mind speak to your professional plumber so they can advise you on what you may need as far as a whole house type of heater or what your options are by installing two or more of this type system to meet instantaneous hot water demand.

You should know tankless water heaters are safer because the system does not store water that can be a breeding ground for bacteria such as Legionella. Keeping the water temperature at an appropriate temperature is important to keep these type of bacteria‘s from thriving.

Preventive maintenance is still periodic same as a conventional heater but the cost is lesser. The next great advantage of a Tankess water system if you do what the manufacturer requires, it can last up to 20 years and still maintain its efficiency.

Turn sun radiation to energy with Cyprus solar heating

In an island as sunny as Cyprus, getting a cyprus sun heating doesn’t only save a lot of cost but also bring many benefits to your home.

Cyprus solar heating is highly favored due to its economic benefits especially for domestic purpose such as heating water during the winter. In fact, the sunlight gives adequate power supply during cold season to heat the entire house. This is another reason why Cyprus solar heating services are highly demanded.

Cyprus solar heating services benefits

Cyprus solar heating has no chemical property so it’s free from corrosion. The Cyprus sun heating is also wind resistance that comes with five years guarantee.

When opting solar heating from Cyprus sun heating, an excellent insulator of vacuum is used because it does not heat the outer surface of the tube. Hence, the component is absolutely cold to the touch. It also works well in cold days without worrying about heat loss.

This vacuum tube is made of two concentric glass tubes and these are components that can absorb solar energy. The system can result in high level of vacuum due to the air in the gap.

The products you might be interested in

Heat pipe collector

Heat pipe collector uses advanced technology to prevent any pipe breakage during the winter.

Low pressure solar water heater

This Cyprus solar heating uses all glass solar collector tubes. It has a high level of vacuum to clear out the tube and emit the heat – resulting a natural circulation of heat for the water in tank.

Cyprus is a sunny island, If you are not familiar with vacuum solar water heaters, please review the enclosed information. The advantages of this type of

solar are many.Why a vacuum? As you would know if you have used a glass lined thermos flask, a vacuum is an excellent insulator.

Solar station

The solar station has keys and timer for convenient switch. It is easy and safer with on and off switch that uses a single key.Click Here

Split pressurized water tank

Cyprus sun heating uses pressurized water tank to keep the water temperature consistent at different level with an instant result. The split tank allows the hot and cold water to be separated and is backed with electrical system that heats up your water in case the sun doesn’t shine.

Compact water heater

A stainless component that takes advantage of water pressure from the tap – It produces hot water immediately without any limitation because it isn’t affected by the water volume inside the tank.

Underground water tank by Sekisui

The urbanization has resulted in sky scrapers, deforestation and buildings everywhere. The growing conversion of agriculture land into offices, houses and buildings has resulted in lot of soil erosion, rain water runoff and lower ground water level.

This rapid growth has strongly affected our nature. Decrease in land has plummeted rain water storage. redIn every nook and corner one can observe the decline of parks and playgrounds.

Numerous tech expert companies have researched and developed the nifty techniques that are mind boggling and amazing. Sekisui, a Japanese company is a global expert in dealing with rain water preservation and increasing ground level.

The connoisseur of water management has plethora of products to offer. One of them is underground water park. Now you may think what I am talking about? Well underground water tank are the latest, smartest ways of saving water and utilizing the land effectively.

Sekisui offers the staggered plastic material sheets that can be piled up underground for water storage with underground water tanks.

Why one should opt for Sekisui water tanks and materials?

• High void ratio: They can be installed underground by intersecting at 90degrees by piling it up. They can be deployed at small areas making high volume where large amount of water can be stored.

• Easy installation: sekisui offer the slide layer design which means installation speed is fast.

• No pollution: The material is made up of polypropylene. This chemical holds an excellent property of water resistant and do not let the water contaminated.

• Easy transportation: The material is light weight hence it is easy to transport.

• Compact storage: The y can be used at compact storage and can save large tons of water.

Where can these be installed?

The very effective way of installing these underground tanks is the designing of underground water tank. Underground stored water can be used for irrigation purposes. The top surface utilization can be done by creating parks that can be used. They can also be installed at redevelopment areas, schools, colleges, universities and houses.

Best utilization of the underground water tank is parks. That’s why they can be deployed under school grounds, offices and homes. v Underground water tank can not only enhance the beauty of the location but will also assists in saving precious rain water and ground water recharge.

Sekisui is the crackerjack and expert company in water management has totally revolutionized the face of underground water parks.

Let’S Get Into the World of Water Tank Manufacturers

Ever thought about the guys behind water tanks that you use at home or in office?

There are hundreds of things that we use and consume almost every single day in our life, but we never bother to know the people behind these products.

Let’s take out a minute to understand the world of tank manufacturers. They are as sweet and hard-working as you and I are, and have big dreams in their eyes.

Many in the business of regular and rectangular storage tanks manufacturing are taking family business forward, and have traveled far and wide to get to know as much as possible about manufacturing top of the quality regular and rectangular water tanks for their domestic and industrial users.

The whole manufacturing process has advanced in the past two decades; technology has taken the front seat, while skilled labour is required to handle the machines and transporting the rectangular storage tanks to their designated destinations. And they make sure that the products reach to their customers at the right place, at the right time.

Of late, the demand for water storage has grown manifold from both the domestic and industrial sectors. And this demand is only going to go up in the coming years.

Water tank manufacturers source high quality raw materials – such as plastic – and make use of high end technology to produce a variety of storage tanks that can serve the different needs of storage tank buyers.

Many water tank manufacturers also get into the manufacturing of several other products such as litter bins. This is called product diversification, which ensures that the manufacturers do not have to depend on a single product for their earnings.

Many companies in the recent past have jumped on the bandwagon and are producing innovative water storage tanks in different designs and colors, and for different purposes. This has given customers different choices and better prices. Now they can browse multiple tank manufacturers and compare their products to narrow down to the tanks that best meet their specific needs.

It’s true that we are leading busy lives; we do not have a single minute for things that do not affect us personally. But, it’s good to know about people who are making positive changes to the society through their businesses.

If you want to read more about water tank manufacturers or entrepreneurs of today, then watch out our up-and-coming article

Why You Should Have Rain Water Tanks Fitted To Your Drinkers And Feeders

If you are having domestic pets and animals in your home, then you must provide them with appropriate drinkers and feeders for their sustenance. Whether it is a dog, or a horse, or poultry animals like chicken and ducks, drinkers and feeders form an indispensable part of taking care of your pet animals. These feeders and drinkers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and can come in an extensive range of materials. If you are having small animals like chicken, ducks, rabbits, etc, they mostly eat in the form of small pellets. Whatever feed you choose for your animals, you can fit them easily into the automatic feeders and drinkers that you can buy in the market.

When you are purchasing drinkers and feeders for your pet animals, you also need to fit it with a regular water supply system. A rain water tank can be a great way to supply water regularly to your drinkers. They not only help you to save your water expenditure, but also serve as convenient means to provide water to your animals. More and more people in Australia are now choosing to install rain water tanks Victoria in their homes, and the multiple benefits of these devices make them increasingly popular day by day.

One of the first reasons as to why many people are nowadays choosing to install rain water tanks in their homes is that they help in reducing the water bills for a household. While the initial costs of installing a tank system like this can be somewhat intimidating for some people, the long term benefits of installing it certainly makes it worthwhile to make the investment. Almost 40% of the water that is used in the homes can be easily replaced by the rain water; this certainly means significant margins of savings. When there is plenty of water in the tank, the water will be passed to your home’s kitchen, bathroom and laundry via the pipes, and when there is a dearth of rain water, a pump will automatically switch over to the main water. With grants and concessions issued by the Australian government, the installation charges of these tank systems are now much lower than what they originally were.

There is another significant advantage of using rain water tanks. They allow us to make use of our natural resources in the most effective way, thus reducing unnecessary wastage of water. By saving water, we also automatically save the other resources that generally go along with the main water. Hence we may say that the usage of rain water tanks has several environmental advantages as well. The more amount of water we can save, the more we will have for other purposes, such as taking care of our garden. This in turn will lead to greater production of fruits and vegetables.

Whether you choose to install rain water tanks or drinkers and feeders for your animals, it is always best to use products from a reputed company as it assures you of the level of quality that you are getting.